Regardless of what people say about the effects of acupuncture on wellbeing, nobody’s first instinct is to get a bunch of needles inserted into their face. But before you write it off, it may be worth your time to consider the age old practice when it comes to clearing up your skin.

Practitioners have found that acupuncture can get rid of fine lines, soften wrinkles, reduce sagging, and even improve the smoothness of your skin. The benefits typically last for three months, but after that you simply schedule a new session to bring back the effects.

The eastern therapy originated over 2,000 years ago and can help with everything from back pain to migraines to fertility problems. The idea is that the needles are placed at pressure points where energy and endorphins can be released. The minor shocks to your skin enhance blood flow and cell growth.

Collagen, the protein found in skin tissue that keeps your body feeling smooth and youthful, is also galvanized to take effect through the practice. It can help with wrinkling skin and skin thats losing its pigment.

Acupuncture can also offer an alternative solution to acne and other skin blemishes. Instead of more invasive procedures or intense chemical therapy, the practice has been known to help with hormone imbalances and breakouts.

The good news is that expensive botox isn’t the only option for a younger and healthier face and body. Eastern medicine has more to offer than most people realize. Here at Ebb and Flow Acupuncture we take acupuncture seriously, recognizing all the positive effects—both physical ailment and mental clarity.