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There was a time when facial injections and cosmetic surgery were regarded as the only effective ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.  Advancements in the study of facial rejuvenation have changed everything.  Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture, for example, has made it possible to achieve drastic results in a relatively short period of time, all without the need for surgical procedures, injections, or exorbitantly high priced anti-aging products.  Its widespread effectiveness has made it known as the Acupuncture Facelift.

By stimulating the areas of greatest concern, facial rejuvenation creates a micro-trauma that signals the body’s natural healing mechanisms to respond in the most natural and effective manner possible.

  • A safe and highly effective means of attaining firmer, younger looking skin  
  • Hair-like acupuncture needles are applied to the areas best suitable to stimulate collagen/elastin
  • Targets key areas by stimulating the skin’s built-in natural repair processes
  • Helps encourage the production of elastin, collagen and restorative fluids  
  • Results are long-lasting, visibly noticeable and easy to maintain over time
  • Shown to help inhibit the rate at which skin cells age after treatment has completed

Facial Rejuvenation in Rochester NY

At Ebb & Flow in Rochester, we specialize in Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture for patients concerned with sagging skin, wrinkles and other signs of aging.  Gali Riddle is a NY state licensed acupuncturist who is certified in Mei Zen, and has studied traditional Chinese medicine extensively both at home and abroad.  Treatment can range from a single session to complete 5-week programs; all of which are conducted in a safe, welcoming clinical environment where patients are made to feel comfortable and relaxed.

For additional information on how facial rejuvenation can help you attain skin that’s smoother, healthier and younger looking, or to schedule your first appointment, call Ebb & Flow today at 585-348-9838.  You can also email our staff by writing to us through our website’s contact page.

For complete information on cosmetic acupuncture, or any of the additional services we offer, call Ebb and Flow Acupuncture in Rochester today at 585-348-9838. You can also write to us via email through our website’s contact page.

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